What do we offer?

Our Services

  • Acupuncture - Our vet has been practicing acupuncture since 2011, and has had great success applying acupuncture to a multimodal approach to controlling pain in both dogs and cats with osteoarthritis.

  • Cardiology - We can investigate most cardiac cases in house with our own ECG machine and ultrasound. Our vet is trained in cardiac ultrasound and has a special interest in heart disease in both dogs and cats.

  • Diagnostic Imaging - Wharton vets has in house digital xray facilities and ultrasound enabling same day imaging and interpretation.

  • Early Neutering - We are listed with Cats Protection KiND as a practice offering early neutering of kittens from 12 weeks of age.

  • Feline Friendly - We are hoping to achieve feline friendly status from ISFM in 2020, and are working hard to ensure that our practice is as feline friendly as possible and that cats have stress free visits. 

  • Separate Dog and Cat Wards - 2020 sees our facilities upgraded and we will be able to provide separate dog and cat wards for their increased comfort when in clinic.

  • Nurse Clinics - Our qualified nurse can offer help and advice on a wide range of subjects, including nutrition, weight management, preventative care and behaviour.

  • Reproduction - We can provide in house progesterone testing and individualised breeding plans and support. We can also offer fertility investigations for both male and female dogs and cats.

  • In House Laboratory - Provides us with same day routine blood test results and urine analysis.

  • Dentistry - Wharton Vets has facilities to perform a wide range of dental procedures for your pets, both preventative care and remedial treatments.

  • Dermatology - Our in house lab enables us to carry out skin scrapes and biopsies, as well as serological allergy testing and treatments. 

  • Orthopaedics - We are regularly visited by an orthopaedic surgical service so that most orthopaedic procedures can be carried out in house.